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Re: New `no sound' problems

Curt wrote:

> He means it's self-explanatory given you're using testing and when using
> testing shit happens (things break)

its not even testing it is sid - as far as I know it is after testing and
there even more shit happens, so I don't understand why he/she should
bother us or we should bother answering.
This definitely is not a user query but rather something that goes to
package/support etc.

For example I play with newer kernels from time to time and last time I
compiled/installed 4.16 it broke sound - I was seeing the devices twice in
all mixers - so I stayed on 4.15 for a while. I now compiled 4.17
(yesterday) and all works just fine.

Sid may work today but not tomorrow - this is the purpose of sid and if you
are not debuggin/testing for debian, I am not sure you want to run anything
on sid 


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