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Re: CherryTree - was [Re: If not "newbie" then ????]

On 08/04/2018 05:43 AM, Brian wrote:
On Sat 04 Aug 2018 at 05:20:29 -0500, Richard Owlett wrote:

On 07/22/2018 03:07 AM, Richard Owlett wrote:
On 07/21/2018 04:46 PM, cyaiplexys wrote:

Try CherryTree. I use that program for everything. It's
cross-platform. I download it from the web site instead of using the
version in the Debian Repo as the latest version fixes some annoying
bugs (of which I kinda forgot what but would quickly be reminded if
I used the repo version).

I browsed its manual then installed the version in the Debian Repo. It
should address two problems:
    1. finding relevant posts.
    2. organizing my bookmarks folder. Like Topsy it just grew.

Is there a mailing list or USENET group where discussion of CherryTree would
be on-topic?

I've found [http://www.giuspen.com/forums/] but have never found web fora

From the link you give:


   This forum contains 662 topics and 2,280 replies, and was last
   updated by Klaas Vaak 5 hours, 4 minutes ago.

The forum appears alive and active. Lots to read.

TRY *READING* before responding!!!

Sometimes one has to compromise, adjust and fit into what is available.

Quantity is NOT everything. NOTE BENE the last word of my post.
Apparently your only possible ON-TOPIC response you could have been to admit you didn't know.

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