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Re: Wine error message

On Mon, 23 Jul 2018 14:56:56 +0200
floris <jkfloris@dds.nl> wrote:

> The Wine version in Debian Stable is very old and unsupported. You
> should use the WineHQ packages or use the version from Backports

Thank you for helpful advice!

Few days ago I migrated from Fedora (fc28) where I had serious issues with
4.17.x kernel series experiencing system hangs several times per day when
leaving my machine unattended to Debian Sid where there are nothing similar (so

However, I have a need to run several apps under Wine, but attempt to install
it on my x86_64 was an impossible mission - it seems that wine32 is broken.
Finally, after enabling WineHQ repo and installing from there, eveything is
fine. :-)


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