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Re: NitroShare doesn't seem to work with Buster

On Wednesday 13 June 2018 23:40:11 Gary Dale wrote:

> I note that there aren't any Buster packages available for NitroShare.
> The Sid packages don't work with Buster - I get the message
> "QSystemTrayIcon::setVisible: No Icon set" when I try to launch it
> (from the command line - the Plasma menu launcher hides the error
> message). However nitroshare is still running despite the error. It
> has a process and is consuming resources (notably it grabs a port).
> However, when I try to connect to my Buster workstation from my
> Android phone, the nitroshare app goes searching forever. It never
> finds a machine to connect to.
> My real problem is that another thing that doesn't work with Bust is
> mtp, so I can't transfer files via the USB charging cable. I was
> hoping that NitroShare work give me an alternative, if less desirable,
> solution.
> Has anyone been able to get NitroShare to work with Buster? Does
> anyone have any idea when a working Buster package will become
> available?
I'm still on wheezy, and sshfs Just Works(TM). It does obey permissions 
though so I sometime have to copy something to my home dir, then go to 
the machine and become root to put it where it needs to go.

> Or on another subject, does anyone know if mtp will ever work?

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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