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Re: new install of amd64, 9-4 from iso #1

On Thursday 14 June 2018 01:03:12 David Christensen wrote:

> On 06/10/18 21:35, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > On Monday 11 June 2018 00:16:39 David Christensen wrote:
> >> On 06/10/18 13:44, Gene Heskett wrote:
> >>> Greetings all;
> >>>
> >>> I have the dvd written, and a new 2T drive currently occupying the
> >>> /dev/sdc slot.
> >>>
> >>> What I want, since the drive has been partitioned to /boot, /home,
> >>> /, and swap, is 1; for this install to not touch any other drive
> >>> currently mounted, and 2; use the partitions I've already setup on
> >>> this new drive without arguing with me.
> >>>
> >>> and 3: to  treat the grub install as if there are no other drives
> >>> hooked up. I don't need grub to fill half the boot screen with
> >>> data from the other drives.
> >>>
> >>> How do I best achieve that?
> >>
> >> Disconnect all drives except the new 2 TB drive and your optical
> >> drive, then boot the installer.  That should solve all three of
> >> your requirements.
> I thought about that some more, and the GRUB part could get messy if
> you reconnect additional drives with bootable partitions and do a
> kernel, etc., upgrade that runs GRUB.  I avoid that problem by having
> only one system drive installed at a a time.
> >> I put mobile racks in all my desktop and server cases, and use
> >> small (16~80 GB) HDD's/SSD's for boot, swap, and root.  When I want
> >> a different OS, I power down, swap system drives, and boot.
> >>
> >>
> >> (I keep the local contents of my home directory minimal, put the
> >> majority of my data into a personal share on my file server, and
> >> mount that into my home directory.)
> >
> > I can see I need to watch the sales for a good price on 60 to 100
> > gig SSD's. Is there a longer lasting version coming down the line
> > that I should be aware of?
> I starting buying Intel 520 Series SSD's several years ago.  They are
> well matched to my Intel DQ67SWR/ Intel Core i7-2600S machine
> (benchmark over 500 MB/s, depending).  The last time I checked them
> with the Intel SSD Toolbox, they showed very little wear (99%+ life
> available?).
> For my older P4 machines, I bought used SAMSUNG SSD UM410 Series 2.5"
> 16GB drives for $10~15 each.  eBay doesn't seem to have that exact
> model now, but there are other 16 GB SSD's to choose from.
> I think most any respectable SSD deployed as a Linux system drive is
> going to outlast the computer it is installed in.
> I bought a 2015 MacBook Pro a few months back.  I has a 256 GB SSD
> with an Apple-proprietary four-lane PCIe 3.0 interface (8.0 GT/s, 31.5
> Gbit/s).  Very impressive performance.  The PC equivalent would seem
> to be a motherboard and drive with a NVMe PCIe M.2 interface or with a
> PCIe 3.0 4x, 8x, or 16x interface.
> PCIe 3D XPoint drives (Intel Optane) seem to be the current king of
> the mountain.
I'm seeing, at newegg et all, what is said to be a 3d nand that seems to 
be the higher capacity drive, 240 GB etc, for prices in the $90 range. 
But you are mentioning PCIe. Is SATA about to be replaced, and I'll have 
to locate yet another motherboard to keep up with the Jones's?

On the hot swap cage front, the center pocket, even with a new cable, a 
cast iron bitch to install, is still not at all happy with the 2T drive 
I've installed 9.4 on, spamming my logs with resets. Move the drive to 
the last sata socket, hanging out of the side of the case, and its happy 
as a clam. Cheap cables, $6.50 for ten of them, but they claim 6GB/sec, 
so I'll try yet another cable today when I have both eyes open at the 
same time.

I've also been battling a sudden loss of sound, took my speakers apart 
and replaced 6 open electrolytic caps in the amp, (I am a C.E.T. and 
have all the test gear and tools for that), didn't help, went out to 
wally's and bought a twin of it, then found the green led for the front 
channel was dark in kmix. But this set has lots more distortion, so now 
that I know the machine is outputting sound I'll retry the repaired kit 

> David

Thanks David.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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