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Re: xdg-email config

thank you for your proposed alpine.desktop file.
I checked that
   xdg-mime query default 'x-scheme-handler/mailto'
actually gives

but nevertheless no alpine.desktop works:  I always get a chromium page instead
of alpine.

Replacing temporarily xdg-email by a script, I found that the argument it
receives is:


- with the 2 proposed alpine.desktop files (Exec=/usr/bin/alpine)
  I get a chromium page.  rather strange, no?

- typing: alpine mailto:contact@cueillettedetorfou.fr
  I get the alpine page, but alpine doesn't like the mailto: prefix

- with Exec=~/bin/my_script, where my_script removes the mailto: prefix before
  calling alpine it works.

best regards,
Pierre Frenkiel

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