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Re: xdg-email config

On 2018-06-11, Pierre Frenkiel <pierre.frenkiel@gmail.com> wrote:
> hi,
>   the xdg-email man says:
>     command line tool for sending mail using the user's preferred e-mail composer
> the problem is that it uses thunderbird, but I can't find where it comes from,
> and how to define this "preferred e-mail"
> The only link I found for that was obsolete (--> not found)
> Can anybody tell me how?

The following worked for me.

curty@einstein:$ xdg-mime query default 'x-scheme-handler/mailto'
curty@einstein:$ xdg-mime default alpine.desktop 'x-scheme-handler/mailto'
curty@einstein:$ xdg-mime query default 'x-scheme-handler/mailto'

Executing xdg-email opened my preferred email app (i.e. alpine).

You need to create a desktop file if one doesn't exist for your preferred

> best regards,


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