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Re: akondadi - should be really improved!

On Thursday, June 7, 2018 3:18:01 PM EDT Hans wrote:
> Hi folks,
> just a little feedback. IMO akonadi in kmail should be either really
> improved or dropped.
> I do not want to mourne, as I know, there is lots of work done in free time,
> but akonadi at the moment (better since the change to akonadi in kmail) is
> pita.
> Akonadi is slow, really slow. If you want to delete lots of mails in one
> line, it does not. You have to delete one after the other, which is
> annoying.
> And even this is not always working. Rather often it hangs. Then you have to
> click to another folder (i.e. sent mail), then click the desired folder
> where you want to delete the mails and you can go on.
> Looks like fast deletion is not possible.
> Don't know if anyone got into the same trouble, but IMO akonadi should be
> improved.
> Please don't mind, best regards
> Hans


I'm running KMail version 5.5.2.  From what you report, it sounds to me like 
you are running an older version.  The version I run allows me to select 
multiple e-mails and delete them all at once.  To be fair, all is not perfect.  
Sometimes an e-mail comes in which can not be deleted.  To deal with that, I 
downloaded and use akonadiconsole.  Once you get the hang of it (took me about 
5 minutes) you can find and delete those e-mails easily.

(for others) I do not want to enter into the Trinity vs current version 

Best of luck,


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