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Re: File managers show files and directories in reverse order.........

On Tue 29 May 2018 at 22:27:43 (+1000), Charlie S wrote:
> On Tue, 29 May 2018 11:51:31 +0200 Siard sent:
> > > But when I go Ctrl-O when in Kate or Lyx the order is reversed.  
> > 
> > I tried Kate. To reverse the order, click the 'Name' header.
> > Note the small black triangle at the right side of the header
> > pointing up or down.
> 	After contemplation, my reply is:
> Thank you Siard.
> It must be an idiosyncrasy of FVWM, that it doesn't show that little
> spin control there?

AFAIK fvwm manages windows, not their contents.

> I just tried it again in both programs to be certain. There is nothing
> there, and no matter what I point and click on, there is nothing that
> will change the order of the directories and files.
> I have no idea what file manager they use.

AFAIK that doesn't matter. I get the impression that you're battling
with the toolkit rather than any particular file manager.

Which toolkit you see depends on what the application has been linked
with. For example, most that I use are linked against gtk3, so when I
click and hold in a scroll bar, the oval "thumb" moves to that point,
stays there, and can be dragged while the button is held down.

OTOH xournal, for example, is linked against gtk2 and the thumb is
rectangular. When you click below it, the thumb moves down only by a
predictable distance; when the button is held down, this small
movement gets auto-repeated. You also get the arrows at either end
of the scrollbar.

I have noticed that when you open the latter dialog box, the files
are unsorted and "Name" has no arrow. Click on Name, however, and
the files sort into alphabetical order and the little triangular
arrow appears and can be reversed.

AIUI you're at the mercy of the toolkit for much of the look-and-feel
of what is contained within the windows that different window managers
and applications display.

> I have tried  aptitude search file-manager and aptitude search
> filemanager and apt policy filemanager and many others ways including
> which filemanager and all different ways of speling.
> But I can't find what file managers are installed to see which one
> might be being used and need configuring. All those requests come up
> empty.
> I wonder how one discovers what file managers there are installed on
> this system. I suppose have to name each one and see which are installed
> that way.


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