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Re: Laptop randomly reboots

On Sat 19 May 2018 at 12:49:51 (-0500), Sam Smith wrote:
> On 05/19/2018 01:56 AM, Hans wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >looks like the laptop is going too hot. This is a problem at many laptops.
> >because of the cooler is set with dust.
> >
> >Take a look at the cooling system, if there is any dust in the way.
> >Especially, as you told, this is a used one, take care of good cooling.
> >
> >Sadly you have to open the laptop and take a look.
> >
> >It might be, that the cooling is enough, when at normal load, but at high load
> >at some point, the cooling is no more enough and the laptop reboots or is
> >shutting down.
> >
> >If this is the reason, there should be a log entry in syslog.
> >
> >There is also some packages, from which can  the sensors can be watched.
> >Check lm-sensors or similar.
> >
> >Hope this helps.
> >
> >Good luck!
> >
> >Hans
> I don't think that is the case. Perhaps, something, somewhere might
> think it is getting too hot (an in a software, firmware issue). But
> I've never had it reboot during any times of stressing. I used to
> use a program 'think-fan' to control the fans. With that, it never
> got above 80*c. I removed the program (thinking that perhaps
> something external controlling the fans was causing some embedded
> controller to freak out and restart the machine or something). I've
> since uninstalled it, and with stock control, the temps get to 90*c,
> but as I've said, doing video encoding for hours or any other stress
> testing has never caused an issue. It seems to reboot at surreal
> times, like I'll be typing and stop to take a sip of coffee then
> boom, screen goes black and then I'm watching grub load up.

You have my sympathy. This laptop that runs hot when busy (up to
98.5°C; I underreported the maximum a week ago) has never frozen or
rebooted when particularly stressed. However, during the time of
squeeze, it would turn itself off spontaneously (hard power-off
like holding the power button), usually when you disturbed the
angle of the screen (even slightly).

It never happened after installing wheezy, but since about a year
ago the screen goes very dark after a second or two. That happens
at boot up (before the POST is finished) and also when exiting X
to a VC (normal for a second, then dark again). These fleeting
glimpses are the reason I can't ever seriously upgrade it. I use
it with a monitor but that get a signal during the POST or CMOS.

So maybe you're lucky and it'll just go away, but it sounds as if
you have a reasonable workaround. (I've never run a laptop for as
long as those uptimes you're reporting.)


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