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Re: Laptop randomly reboots

On 05/19/2018 01:56 AM, Hans wrote:

looks like the laptop is going too hot. This is a problem at many laptops.
because of the cooler is set with dust.

Take a look at the cooling system, if there is any dust in the way.
Especially, as you told, this is a used one, take care of good cooling.

Sadly you have to open the laptop and take a look.

It might be, that the cooling is enough, when at normal load, but at high load
at some point, the cooling is no more enough and the laptop reboots or is
shutting down.

If this is the reason, there should be a log entry in syslog.

There is also some packages, from which can  the sensors can be watched.
Check lm-sensors or similar.

Hope this helps.

Good luck!


I don't think that is the case. Perhaps, something, somewhere might think it is getting too hot (an in a software, firmware issue). But I've never had it reboot during any times of stressing. I used to use a program 'think-fan' to control the fans. With that, it never got above 80*c. I removed the program (thinking that perhaps something external controlling the fans was causing some embedded controller to freak out and restart the machine or something). I've since uninstalled it, and with stock control, the temps get to 90*c, but as I've said, doing video encoding for hours or any other stress testing has never caused an issue. It seems to reboot at surreal times, like I'll be typing and stop to take a sip of coffee then boom, screen goes black and then I'm watching grub load up.

Thanks for the tips though.

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