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Re: USB Install Fails, Complains about CD-ROM


David Wright wrote:
> I read it as meaning that the USB stick works as a live system
> (first boot), but not as an installer (second boot).

Hm ... re-reading Mike's mails ...

Mike Kupfer wrote in his first mail:
> > > using a netinst image and a live image.

and today:
> > If I select the installer (rather than the live
> > image) when booting from the USB stick, it gets through the 3 i18n
> > screens (language, location, keyboard layout), pauses, and then brings
> > up a screen with [error message]

Mike, is this true ?
Does the live image always succeed and the netinst image always fail ?
Is always the same USB stick affected ? (Or do you have one for each ISO ?)
How do you actually "select" between installer and live ?

Which netinst ISO and which live ISO exactly do you use ?

> Which makes me wonder about earlier discussions (maybe months ago)
> concerning whether installing Debian from a live stick can be
> problematical

But in Mike's case the live image is the (more) successful one.
The failure is more brutal than the past installation problems from
live ISOs. Probably the known ones have been solved meanwhile.

The main riddle with Mike's report is why the kernel cannot bring up
the USB stick as storage device although GRUB loaded the kernel from

Have a nice day :)


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