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Re: USB Install Fails, Complains about CD-ROM

Thomas Schmitt wrote:

> Does the live image always succeed and the netinst image always fail ?
> Is always the same USB stick affected ? (Or do you have one for each ISO ?)
> How do you actually "select" between installer and live ?

I made some changes between the initial attempts and what I'm doing to
test now; apologies for not being clear about it.

Right now, I'm using the live image ISO
(debian-live-9.2.0-amd64-xfce.iso).  When it boots, I get a screen with
various selections.  To boot the live image, I select "Debian GNU/Linux
Live"; to boot the text-based installer, I select "Debian Installer".  I
don't think I have a netinst image on a USB stick at the moment, but I
could set one up if you think that would be a useful data point.  

Since the OP's problems were with 9.4, I haven't tried a more recent
ISO, but I'll download an image and test it.  (If this turns out to be
fixed in 9.4, I will be very embarrassed and will happily buy y'all
a meal if you're ever in the Bay Area.)

Neither the live image or the text installer is consistent.  For
example, I just now started the text installer, after the laptop had
been powered off for a few hours.  The first attempt got past the usual
failure point.  At the screen for selecting a network device, I
power-cycled the laptop and tried again to run the text installer.  This
time it failed at the usual place.

So if there's any pattern here, it's that the first attempt, when the
laptop has been off for awhile, is likely to succeed.  Subsequent
attempts, without waiting for a few hours, are likely to fail.  This
seems to be true for both the live image and the text installer.


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