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Re: Dead computer after system shutdown. - Resolved for Now

I remember changing the cmos battery some years ago. Maybe time to do it again.

No storms preceding, during and after the described failure. Ups shuts down system after 30 seconds if there is a power failure.

On 05/06/2018 05:02 PM, songbird wrote:
Thomas George wrote:
Box is between two tables but managed to remove side cover and with
mirror confirmed green light on motherboard. Unplugged power cord, green
light goes out, reconnected power, green light on and power switch
works, BIOS message Asus surge protection shut system down because of
unstable power supply..

My records show I assembled this box from components in 2008. Should I
be worried? Expected lifetimes of cpu, mb, power supply?
   when is last time you changed cmos battery for it?

   otherwise how is the system connected to house power
supply?  have there been any storms lately?  around
here we've had some power failures lately and the UPS
has let me shut down ok.


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