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Re: Removing libsystemd0 from a non-systemd system

On Sun, 6 May 2018 02:44:16 +0000 (UTC) David Griffith <dave@661.org>

> Have any advances been made in figuring out just how to remove
> libsystemd0 from a Debian 9 machine that's running sysvinit?  The
> ongoing presence of libsystemd0 has caused slowly-progressing trouble
> with several machines of mine culminating in complete failure a
> couple days ago.  Initially I thought this was unrelated to systemd,
> but now I tracked it down to systemd's remnants and the problem is
> progressing much faster with freshly-installed machines.
> -- 
> David Griffith
> dave@661.org

First, how exactly did you convert to sysvinit, etc? And what kind of

I've been running Stretch with sysvinit for almost a year -- as
a personal machine, not a server -- and have had absolutely NO
problems.  Here's the link I used:


I used the very first conversion steps, the simplest one, and none
of the optional ones.  No pinning.  No third-party systemdless repos,
etc. I still have systemd libraries including libsystemd0 for those apps
that have systemd as a dependenciy.  No problems.  Totally removing
systemd is a pain requiring third-party systemdless repos and keeping a
wary eye out for problems. I did it a couple times as part of my
experiments, and always had glitches.

One thing did just occur to me: Are you using the GNOME desktop?  I've
heard stories about it and systemd.  It is VERY dependent on it. I
haven't used GNOME whatever version for about 7 years. I use only a
window manager Openbox.


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