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Re: Removing libsystemd0 from a non-systemd system

On Sun, 6 May 2018, Patrick Bartek wrote:

On Sun, 6 May 2018 02:44:16 +0000 (UTC) David Griffith <dave@661.org>

Have any advances been made in figuring out just how to remove libsystemd0 from a Debian 9 machine that's running sysvinit? The ongoing presence of libsystemd0 has caused slowly-progressing trouble with several machines of mine culminating in complete failure a couple days ago. Initially I thought this was unrelated to systemd, but now I tracked it down to systemd's remnants and the problem is progressing much faster with freshly-installed machines.

First, how exactly did you convert to sysvinit, etc? And what kind of

I've been running Stretch with sysvinit for almost a year -- as
a personal machine, not a server -- and have had absolutely NO
problems.  Here's the link I used:


I used the very first conversion steps, the simplest one, and none
of the optional ones.  No pinning.  No third-party systemdless repos,
etc. I still have systemd libraries including libsystemd0 for those apps
that have systemd as a dependenciy.  No problems.  Totally removing
systemd is a pain requiring third-party systemdless repos and keeping a
wary eye out for problems. I did it a couple times as part of my
experiments, and always had glitches.

One thing did just occur to me: Are you using the GNOME desktop?  I've
heard stories about it and systemd.  It is VERY dependent on it. I
haven't used GNOME whatever version for about 7 years. I use only a
window manager Openbox.

I followed that same thing you did as soon as the machine was installed. I also did optional steps 2 and 3. I didn't do 1 because all the machines in question are headless. I stopped using GNOME when version 3 came out and switched to MATE for most of my desktop needs.

One of the symptoms that made me think libsystemd0 had something to do with it was the output of "apt-get upgrade". It would always report "1 not upgraded" or "2 not upgraded".

The trouble manifested in dependency hell and networking that would mysteriously stop for no readily apparent reason (on reboot after kernel upgrade or out of the blue). Usually networking could be regained by doing a LISH login and manually turning on the network interfaces. Then interface names started changing randomly. This was after names like "eth0" and friends were abandoned. Servers died by way of networking only working halfway, no matter what I did. I was able to ssh in and do scp and rsync transfers, but that was about it.

What's the point of allowing libsystemd0 to exist when systemd has been purged?

Is anyone working on a mechanism to allow for install-time selection of a desired init? I brought this up a few times since systemd came to Debian, but I've never heard anything more on this.

David Griffith

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