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Re: Debian home security programs?

On Friday 04 May 2018 01:09:51 Karen Lewellen wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I am wondering, given how flexible Debian can be, if this idea is
> possible? If it does not already exist?
> I now live  in an apartment  above a business that closes very early. 
> One thing I miss from my old dwelling
>   is a sort of intercom where  people would buzz my code  which dialed
> my land line   phone allowing me to communicate with them before, at
> that time, letting them in the building.
> So, I am wondering if I could combine a Linux home security program
> with a wireless intercom,  or doorbell / intercom combination that
> might  create the same effect?
> I am not interested in video, just a way to  connect  with a person at
> my door if that makes sense.
> thoughts?
> Karen

You will likely have to invent the hookup, but heyu, which was originally 
an interface to x-10 stuff, but which has been expanded over the last 20 
years to talk to other vendors things, might form the basis of what you 
want to do. Just be aware that powerline signalling isn't 100% 
dependable, and while the false positives are few, the failure to get 
the message thru needs to be handled in the scripts you'll write, 
usually by sending the command 3 times with about a 1 second time 
separation, which gets the job done with maybe 1 failure a year here.

At one point, I had ripped my music cd collection, and could take one of 
the x-10 palm pads to the basement and use it to control the music while 
playing pool with the neighbors. The palm pad was the remote control for 
xmms. What you do with it? for instance, a hawkeye or eagleeye which is 
a pir motion sensor could turn on an intercom's main power, while at the 
same time alerting you to go talk to the person at the door. Thats just 
one suggested method. And they'd not even have to push the doorbell. I'd 
think in a higher traffic situation that might generate too many 
triggers from folk just walking by, so I think I'd find a doorbell like 
button they did have to push. What you can do with it is up to your 
imagination. heyu has a mailing list, and help is there from the other 
users and the current maintainer. heyu_users@yahoogroups.com. Traffic is 
quite low most of the time.
Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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