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Re: Debian home security programs?

Am 04. May, 2018 schwätzte Karen Lewellen so:

moin moin Karen,

it's certainly possible. A decade ago a friend of mine used debian and
asterisk to setup a bell and intercom system for a school using voip

Also, I talked to NextClouders at SCaLE and they were talking about
web-statndards based video chat using NextCloud on debian. There's
probably an option for voice only, but it might be easier to do video.

Hmm, I should do something like this too :).

A search for 'raspberry pi sip intercom' turned up several projects.



Hi everyone,
I am wondering, given how flexible Debian can be, if this idea is possible? If it does not already exist? I now live in an apartment above a business that closes very early. One thing I miss from my old dwelling is a sort of intercom where people would buzz my code which dialed my land line phone allowing me to communicate with them before, at that time, letting them in the building. So, I am wondering if I could combine a Linux home security program with a wireless intercom, or doorbell / intercom combination that might create the same effect? I am not interested in video, just a way to connect with a person at my door if that makes sense.

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