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Re: Update: Re: Password Manager opinions and recommendations

On 28/03/18 00:19, Brian wrote:
> I eventually settled on masterpasswordapp
> because the re-creation aspect appealed to me, it was actively
> maintained, the author's well-thought arguments were convincing
> and (insofar as I could judge) it is secure.
> But it did take some time to come to a decision and both the other
> two you have been recommended were on my list. The last thing you
> want to be doing is changing a password manager every few months,

That's one of the disadvantages of masterpasswordapp, as far as I can
see: If you have to change one password, whether because the site owner
says so or it's genuinely been compromised, then masterpasswordapp won't
let you do that, right? Based on your name, the sitename, and your
master password, there is only one true password. So to change a
password, you'd have to change one of those factors. You probably can't
change the site name, changing your own name is inconvenient, and
changing the master password changes all your other passwords as well.


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