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Re: Printing impossible

>>>  Printers -> Queue -> Administration -> Set Default Options

SRT is set to normal and the problem still appears. I disabled colord
service, and tried again the job. Not result.

>> Just piping up to say he was advised by Ken Sharp (as an initial
>> experimental move) to remove "setpagedevice" from the gs command line
>> here (after having metooed a bug that turned out being a different one
>> from the one from which he suffers):
>> https://bugs.ghostscript.com/show_bug.cgi?id=695873
>> Sorry if this is merely a distraction.

Sorry I han not mentioned this as I was said it was nothing to do with
the initial bugreport, and I had not understood at all explanations.

> No need to be sorry; every little helps and it could certainly be an
> avenue for exploration. If the issue appears with a varied selection
> of files we could be looking at a defect in gstoraster's Ghostscript
> command.

So far it appears with allf iles I submitted, even in cups-filter from
your suggested command.


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