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Re: Printing impossible

MENGUAL Jean-Philippe wrote:
> Hi,
> For some time on Buster, I no longer can print on any printer, in
> particular my Samsung ML1750. If I check the attached log, it seems
> however that it is not related to the printer, but rather filters. The
> job is 71. Lines 3455 and so on are interesting I think.
> Attached file: http://demo.accelibreinfo.eu/error_log
> Would you have an idea about the pb? What could I do to fix it?
> Many thanks for help

  first thing i would try is to completely purge/remove
cups and reinstall to make sure i had all the required
parts.  then i would set up the printer and try a
test page.

  since you didn't say what you had tried already...


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