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Re: Printing impossible

> I'll add that I set up a queue with
>   lpadmin - p 1750 -v file:/dev/null -E -m drv:///splix-samsung.drv/ml1750.ppd
> and printed the test page from the CUPS web interface. All filters
> completed without any errors, as they do when cupsfilter was used with
> any file I threw at it. Not much use in my testing the Ghostscript
> command in that situation. The OP's experiences might be different, of
> course.

I did all this. On http://demo.accelibreinfo.eu/error_log you have my
newest log, job 74 and 75. Still not printing.

I add also that I think indeed it is a ghostscript problem, but changing
the commandline as suggested in the bug report is impossible for me as I
dont know how I could set cups to change the commandline it sends.

Thanks for any further help.

Best regards

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