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Debian 9 rocks, really

Hello all,

I have been using Linux since more than 20 years, and Debian Linux since Potato. I even remember the time when you had to carefully read the documentation of your monitor to avoid damaging it, by choosing the wrong frequencies for the X server.

I am using a lot of computers, from small workstations to big servers in data centres or in the clouds, like Rackspace, AWS or Google cloud. If you are a little bit careful with the question asked, and have a minimum of IT knowledge, the Debian installer is wonderful. It always give you the control if something goes wrong, for instance by activating another console.

The task selection concept is great, for those who want to install their favourite desktop environment easily. I love the fact that multiple DE are given, and I can install and try more than one.

I recently re-discovered preseed, and I really enjoy it as well.

Thank you for making my life easier, and my work so beneficial. Debian people are really a great team !!!

André Rodier.


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