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Re: Debian 9 rocks, really

On Sat, Mar 24, 2018 at 10:31:11PM +0000, Andre Rodier wrote:
> […]

Yeah! I've not come such a long way yet, considering I am only 27 years
old, but I have been using Linux systems for 14 years now. Started with
SuSE 7.2 (with a short visit to 5.3 for fun), switched to Ubuntu later
and the nto Gentoo for a few years, until arriving at Debian many years

Watching Debian's development (and contributing to it) is a great joy -
while some time ago there were valid reasons for creating Ubuntu, and
users had reasons to consider Debian outdated and complicated, all that
is gone now. Take a Debian 9 installer (in some cases, maybe the
non-free firmware version), and it installs on the most awkward of
hardware without complaining. If it doesn't, just fix it, because it
gives you everything you need to do so.

Most important, Debian is the distribution that kept me satisfied for
long enough that I am now a developer (keyring update pending ;)). I
lost track of becoming one with Gentoo, because they were cool but did
not have good quality assurance, and I los ttrack at SuSE because they
had great quality but the community was questionnable (that changed by
now, mind you) - Debian has the best of both worlds, a great community,
great tools, and QA anddevelopment tools that make it fun to work with
and still get respected in enterprise environments.

So thank you, Debian!


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