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Re: Missing Shared Object File for ffmpeg

On 2018-03-20, <tomas@tuxteam.de> <tomas@tuxteam.de> wrote:
>> Yes the package is libopenal1. I don't have the package in Stretch,
>> though ffmpeg is installed.
> I take "you don't have the package in Stretch" to mean "in your box
> it isn't installed", because the package does exist in Stretch (at
> least in my little corner of the universe).

Yes, sorry for the equivocal formulation. The libopenal1 package is
indeed in the Debian repositories but isn't installed on my machine.

> Now the interesting question would be: in *both* your stretches?

It is interesting maybe. I don't understand it, though. 

>>  ffmpeg -formats
>> informs me that my ffmpeg was configured with "--enable-openal" and
>> includes the "D  openal          OpenAL audio capture device".
>> This post is probably what they call "superfétatoire" in French.
> Heh. Had to look that up, thanks for a new word: perhaps I can build
> that in and impress my teacher ;-D
> Cheers
> - -- tomás

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