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Re: Help needed with home network configuration

Joe wrote:
> [...]
> I'd have thought that hardwired hubs are long gone, that all devices
> with multiple Ethernet ports are switches and therefore software-based.
> Indeed, many routers can be configured as VLANs.

Hubs pretty much are.  Not entirely sure where you're thinking switches
are "software-based" though. Switching is typically done in ASICs these
days ... 

> I had a different problem recently, trying to work out which of a few
> high-bandwidth 802.11ac routers could be configured in pairs as wireless
> point-to-point links, which also uses the term 'bridging', and no, they
> can't all do it. But documentation is usually very poor for the
> lesser-used functions of most things. 'Bridging' is also used to mean
> wireless repeating, which is a different thing again.

Honestly, I'd never trust an "all-in-one" consumer router for that (even
if it "supports" it on the box). Pair of purpose-built radios (e.g.
Ubiquiti AirMAX) would probably do best for that situation.

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