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Re: Help needed with home network configuration

On Thu 15 Mar 2018 at 10:18:20 (-0700), Don Armstrong wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Mar 2018, David Wright wrote:
> > When you reprogram routers with dd-wrt, does that allow it to do, say,
> > wired bridging even though the manufacturer's formware doesn't allow
> > for that?
> openwrt and dd-wrt both allow wired bridging[1] (or pseudo-bridging by
> routing if your wireless hardware doesn't support that).
> 1: I suppose there might be some network hardware which doesn't support
> actual bridging of wired interfaces, but I've yet to see such an
> example.

I think the router I've been using for the last few years is one.
Although the User Manual from May 2013¹ has a brief section on
bridging, the June 2014² revision is missing that part. Both have
a "Wireless Repeating" link on the figure for Advanced Wireless
Settings, but the link is not present in the actual configuration
screen on the device.

In any case, the May 2013 manual says that to use it as a repeater,
even wired, you have to set security to WEP or None. That's no use.

I wandered into BestBuy and couldn't find much about bridging on
any of their router boxes. (Obviously I'm eschewing so-called
WiFi Wireless Repeaters.) What I'm trying to ascertain is that
all the wired bridging functionality is performed by the software
and not any special hardware in the device.

Required topology:

            ╲│╱                   ╲│╱                 ╲│╱
         ┌───────┐             ┌───────┐           ┌───────┐
         │W     L╞    CAT5     │W     L╞═PC        │ ROKUs │
[Modem]══╡A     A╞═════════════╡A     A╞           │  etc  │
         │N     N╞             │N     N╞           └───────┘
         │       ╞═PC          │       ╞═PC
         └───────┘             └───────┘

¹ WNDR3400v3_UM_10May2013.pdf
² WNDR3400v3_UM_19June2014.pdf

(Thanks to Gene, too)


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