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Re: Help needed with home network configuration

On Friday, March 16, 2018 08:53:00 AM rhkramer@gmail.com wrote:
> I haven't had the need to do that, and I'm not quite sure how I would go
> about it, but (thinking on the fly now), I might try putting a switch
> immediately after the modem, with two routers plugged into that, then a
> router and one firewall (and one WAP) for the DMZ, and the 2nd router,
> with a stonger firewall, and 2nd WAP for the LAN.
> (I like switches ;-)  (Of course, most routers incorporate a switch, iiuc.)

Oh, thinking about it a little more (but not much ;-) , I may be assuming that 
the modem has the capability to serve as a, I guess you'd call it a DHCP 
server--mine does.  (Although I don't use it that way--in my case, I installed 
and prefer to use a Ubiquiti edge router immediately after the modem (with the 
modem in "bridge mode" (in at least one sense of the way "bridge" is used)--I 
forget all the reasons--oh, now I remember--I have some VOIP phones on the 
LAN, and the Ubiquiti lets me set up some QOS stuff to give them higher 

If my modem didn't have that capability, or maybe even if it did, I might rout 
everything through a (probably, again, a Ubiquity edge router), then to one 
router for the DMZ and one router for the LAN.  

(I wish my brain worked more like it did  when I was younger.  Well, at least 
in some respects ;-)

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