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Re: Debian on flash a store.

On 15/03/18 18:01, David Christensen wrote:
> That said, why do you have storage in a thin client?  I thought the idea
> is to boot the clients over the network, run from RAM, and have the
> server do most of the work (?).

They were intended as thin clients - I'm not using them as such. I just
use them as cheap machines with mimimal power consumption, that I can
leave running even when more powerful machines are shut down. My openvpn
endpoint is one such case (it also runs a DNS server).

I don't need much storage, but I want it to be fairly reliable, and be
sure I can replace it quickly if required. Importing a specialist DOM
from overseas is not quick; buying a usb stick (from the supermarket or
service station if need be) is :-)

These things only cost me NZ$20 each (for 5) - and an added bonus is
that the old atom (N280) cpu is not vulnerable to meltdown :-)


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