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Re: Debian on flash a store.

Le 13/03/2018 à 18:26, peter@easthope.ca a écrit :

https://wiki.debian.org/RunningOnFlash has some discussion and tips
about basing the system in a flash store.

USB drives and SD cards are very different from SSDs. You cannot use them in the same way. AFAIK, USB drives and SD cards do not support TRIM/discard.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ext2 states "ext2 is still the
filesystem of choice for flash-based storage media ... because its
lack of a journal increases performance and minimizes the number of
writes, ... However, recent Linux kernels support a journal-less mode
of ext4 which provides benefits not found with ext2." Oddly, the
Debian wiki article has no mention of journaling.

Ext2 is obsolete. If you don't want journalling, just use ext4 with journalling turned off. I didn't know this was a recent feature.

Also, I am surprised that these articles do not mention "flash friendly" log-structured filesystems such as F2FS or NILFS2. They may need to be updated.

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