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Re: OT: dovecot with letsencrypt, K9 mail fails?

On 13/03/18 21:12, Dominik George wrote:
> Hi,
>> Today, though - which may be unrelated - it prompted me to check the
>> certificate, which weirdly seemed to belong to my VPS provider; it
>> wasn't the one configured in dovecot.
>> Has anyone else seen either of these issues? My VPS provider hasn't
>> come
>> up with any ideas yet.
> They have a very clear idea - they are snooping on your TLS, and that doesn't happen by accident.
> It might be a sad accident with a firewall, but they should fix that in no time. If not, you are best off finding a new provider.

What make that less plausible is that Thunderbird on Debian sees none of
these problems. I forgot to mention that in my original post, sorry.

Both devices were on my home lan, so behind the same NAT.

The name on the cert was something like "precise.example.com", which
looks to me like it was created as part of an (oldish) VPS image. My VPS
was built with Debian (jessie), though. There are Ubuntu LXC containers
on there alongside the Debian ones, but none as old as precise.

Hmm. I use iptables to forward 143 to the mail container. I wonder if
somehow my vps can see the same internal (RFC1918) ip address somewhere
else? That should all be blocked by my firewall, though.


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