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OT: dovecot with letsencrypt, K9 mail fails?

Hi all,

I use dovecot with a letsencrypt certificate, which has been working fine.

In the last few days, my phone (K9 mail on Android) has started having
problems connecting. I think it's since I received the most recent
android updates (5 March patchlevel).

At first, it would just complain about the cert, but I'd click 'Next'
from the settings page and it would carry on working for a while (maybe
a day?).

Today, though - which may be unrelated - it prompted me to check the
certificate, which weirdly seemed to belong to my VPS provider; it
wasn't the one configured in dovecot.

Has anyone else seen either of these issues? My VPS provider hasn't come
up with any ideas yet.


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