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Multifunction (printer + scanner) recommendation?

I am not sure if it is best group for this question but I am tired with
searching over numerous web pages :(

I need to buy device to scan and print which:
- can scan with sane
- can print from my debian box (strongly prefer without binary/closed
drivers[1], I'm not sure about hplip[2])
- no bigger than ~ (H x D x W) 308 mm x 363 mm x 437 mm [3]
- can be shared to Windows machines (with HP 1120MFP I could not do that)

Any suggestions?


[1] - like Brother, but I heard that they give source code for driver too?
[2] - hplip has a lot of bloat in his dependecies
[3] - sizes of my current hp 1120 MFP device

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