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Re: Multifunction (printer + scanner) recommendation?

Kamil Jońca wrote:
> I am not sure if it is best group for this question but I am tired with
> searching over numerous web pages :(

I'd go for something from Brother.  Ideally, networkable (rather than
needing to share via CUPS, etc.)

> I need to buy device to scan and print which:
> - can scan with sane
Last I looked, Brother can do this.  That being said, I'm using one of
their "MFC" series, and just scan PDFs to a network share (this does
mean, ofc that I lose out on OCR, but for what I scan, that's minor).

> - can print from my debian box (strongly prefer without binary/closed
> drivers[1], I'm not sure about hplip[2])

Good luck there.  Brother, HP, everyone that makes quality hardware has
a binary driver.
> - no bigger than ~ (H x D x W) 308 mm x 363 mm x 437 mm [3]

That's a bit on the small side, but you could probably find something.
> - can be shared to Windows machines (with HP 1120MFP I could not do that)

Sounds like you might've missed a step then, since cups has been able to
share forever.

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