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Re: Multifunction (printer + scanner) recommendation?

On 06/03/18 09:00 PM, Kamil Jońca wrote:

I am not sure if it is best group for this question but I am tired with
searching over numerous web pages :(

I need to buy device to scan and print which:
- can scan with sane
- can print from my debian box (strongly prefer without binary/closed
drivers[1], I'm not sure about hplip[2])
- no bigger than ~ (H x D x W) 308 mm x 363 mm x 437 mm [3]
- can be shared to Windows machines (with HP 1120MFP I could not do that)

Any suggestions?

I have an Epson WF-2760 which seems to do what you need. It sits on our LAN; from my Debian box I can use it to scan using xsane, and after setting it up in CUPS it prints with no problems. Dunno about Windows, but my wife's Macbook accesses it just fine too.

cgibbs@surfnaked.ca (Charlie Gibbs)

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