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Re: Using apcupsd for power failure controle

On 02/03/18 03:09, Marc Auslander wrote:
>> I think you can usually set the power-on behaviour in the BIOS (or EFI,
>> presumably) - independently of the OS or any shutdown process.
>> Richard
> So here's the issue - maybe I'm missing something.
> If I configure apcupsd to shutdown on power fail and the power really
> stays off till the apc unit shut down, my machine will reboot on power
> up.  But what if the power comes back once the daemon has started the
> shutdown?
> What is needed is a guaranteed power cycle from the apc unit - which
> AFAIK is not an option.

Interesting point.

I confess I've never set up a ups for all this before, but I've read
about it ... I'm pretty sure you can instruct the ups to shut down, but
I don't know whether you can tell it to come back as soon as the power
is stable (possibly immediately).

I guess you could go more extreme, and have the ups controlled by
something else, like a battery-powered Raspberry Pi ... does the ups
listen for instructions in its 'down' state?


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