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Re: Using apcupsd for power failure controle

(Was Were is gapcmon?)
>> I've always use apcupsd which still works in stretch.  My use is pretty
>> trivial - just reports - I don't do anything automatic on power fail
>> since I can't figure out how to do anything that will always wind up
>> with my machine running when the power comes back!
>I think you can usually set the power-on behaviour in the BIOS (or EFI,
>presumably) - independently of the OS or any shutdown process.

So here's the issue - maybe I'm missing something.

If I configure apcupsd to shutdown on power fail and the power really
stays off till the apc unit shut down, my machine will reboot on power
up.  But what if the power comes back once the daemon has started the

What is needed is a guaranteed power cycle from the apc unit - which
AFAIK is not an option.

So I just use the apc to cover short outages and prevent power bouncing
which I know from experience can cause damage.  When the battery goes
flat I get a hard powerfail shutdown which modern linux tollerates quite
well - yeah for journaled file systems.

Marc Auslander

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