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Re: Some tasks very slow after upgrade from Jessie to Stretch

On 02/03/18 04:23, John wrote:
> Slightly different issue but I am part way through an upgrade from
> Whezzy to Stretch.  After the upgrade to Jessie my (headless) computer
> failed to boot.  After a struggle getting keyboard and screen it
> stalled after loading the kernel, probably a broken initrd file
> It booted OK with  the last Whezzy kernel but I am afraid to try to
> upgrade to Stretch with this suspect system.  Problem is this machine
> is the interface between the LAN and the Internet so without it things
> are difficult
> ==John ffitch

So you've got a jessie system that won't boot with the jessie kernel,
but will boot with the wheezy kernel?

While you've got the keyboard and screen handy, you could try the
jessie-backports kernel, which is more similar to the stretch kernel,
and if that works you should be ok to upgrade.


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