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Re: MTP devices leave multiple copies under Devices in file managers

On 1/6/18, Carl Fink <carlf@panix.com> wrote:
> I'm sure this is a known problem but I can't figure out what the
> correct search terms would be.
> I have a couple of Android devices that mount using MTP. Recently I was
> trying to install LineageOS on one (which failed because the USB port on
> the phone physically failed halfway through, but that's a side-issue).
> As a result, apparently, both caja and thunar now show 21 separate
> entries under "Devices", of which 19 or 20 are dead and useless. (I
> can't test the Samsung Galaxy Note links because, well, the physical
> USB port is broken.)
> I am sure these are lines in a file somewhere, but I do not know where
> and of course documentation exists, somewhere, but I do not know where.
> Relevant software installed:
>     Debian Testing
>     gmtp
>     go-mtpfs
>     jmtpfs
>     mtp-tools
> How can I clean this up?

Hi, Carl.. I'm just here to commiserate. I don't have an answer. My
experience has been that this ebbs and flows with Debian development
progress, particularly since you mentioned using Debian Testing.

Mine will occasionally go absolutely bananas when viewing file
managers as root user. It will have nothing to do with anything MTP,

Today, *this second*, under root in Stable, it's only *blessedly*
showing pts, proc, sys, and Filesystem root (which flips focus back to
File System if clicked).

For Thunar run as normal users, elf and candycane, none of those above
show, but mounted partitions and USB attached devices show duplicate
entries. Those duplicate entries default to their originating device
entry sitting above them if left clicked.

Additionally, I've noticed that right click options vary slightly over
the originating device entry versus the sibling that appears if the
originating device entry is clicked or otherwise mounted. The original
device entry will present "unmount' while its sibling will only offer
disconnect and/or eject (OUCH!).

FURTHERMORE... root's Thunar only offers disconnect for BOTH device
entries... which both (furthermore) look the same name-wise this
second, too, by the way and now that you consciously brought this
topic up.

I always fence sit when I see this going on. It's distracting as freak
for *my* brain, but it has the appearance of a possibly useful perk
for someone who knows what they're doing deep in development.

Cindy :)
Cindy-Sue Causey
Talking Rock, Pickens County, Georgia, USA

* Happiest of Happy New Years!!!! *

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