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MTP devices leave multiple copies under Devices in file managers

I'm sure this is a known problem but I can't figure out what the
correct search terms would be.

I have a couple of Android devices that mount using MTP. Recently I was
trying to install LineageOS on one (which failed because the USB port on
the phone physically failed halfway through, but that's a side-issue).
As a result, apparently, both caja and thunar now show 21 separate
entries under "Devices", of which 19 or 20 are dead and useless. (I
can't test the Samsung Galaxy Note links because, well, the physical
USB port is broken.)

I am sure these are lines in a file somewhere, but I do not know where
and of course documentation exists, somewhere, but I do not know where.

Relevant software installed:

Debian Testing

How can I clean this up?


Carl Fink          carl@finknetwork.com
Thinking and logic and stuff at Reasonably Literate

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