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Re: show searched packages including versions

On Wed 03 Jan 2018 at 19:10:03 -0600, David Wright wrote:

> On Wed 03 Jan 2018 at 19:33:28 (-0500), bw wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > On Wed, 3 Jan 2018, Felix Miata wrote:
> > 
> > > 
> > > How did *you* figure out to try apt-cache _pkgnames_ to get a search to include
> > > packages' versions?
> > 
> > well, see that's the thing.  In debian, kernel packagenames include 
> > the arch and ver in them.  This wouldn't work for mc for instance or other 
> > packages.
> > 
> > The criticism about the different apt commands is a good one.  I think the 
> > idea is to merge some of them into just 'apt' but so far all we have is 
> > show and search, shortcuts for apt-cache.
> s/merge/include/

apt also includes depends, rdepends and policy in its repertoire.

> The reason some of us continue to use apt-foo and would like
> continued support for them is that they are stable in what
> they do and what they output.

apt serves the needs of many users but it is very unlikely that support
for apt-foo would diminish.

> This is not meant as a criticism of apt/aptitude, but because
> it's difficult to script a moving target.

I've never used aptitude, but its searching abilities have been promoted
to be superior to apt-cache. Whether those capabilities could be rolled
into apt (or whether it is desirable to do so) I do not know.


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