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Re: show searched packages including versions

On Wed, 3 Jan 2018, Felix Miata wrote:

> How did *you* figure out to try apt-cache _pkgnames_ to get a search to include
> packages' versions?

well, see that's the thing.  In debian, kernel packagenames include 
the arch and ver in them.  This wouldn't work for mc for instance or other 

The criticism about the different apt commands is a good one.  I think the 
idea is to merge some of them into just 'apt' but so far all we have is 
show and search, shortcuts for apt-cache.

here's a part of manpage for apt in stretch:

> list (work-in-progress)
>           list is somewhat similar to dpkg-query --list in that it can 
>           display a list of packages satisfying certain criteria. It 
>           supports glob(7) patterns for matching package names as well 
>           as options to list installed (--installed), upgradeable 
>           (--upgradeable) or all available (--all-versions) versions.
>       edit-sources (work-in-progress)
>           edit-sources lets you edit your sources.list(5) files in your 
>           preferred texteditor while also providing basic sanity checks.

I didn't think about using dpkg for your problem, but it's really amazing.

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