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Re: Ethernet card locking up when acting as virtual bridge

On 11/09/17 09:55, Dan Ritter wrote:
On Wed, Nov 08, 2017 at 03:21:00PM -0800, David Christensen wrote:
On 11/08/17 02:54, Andrew Wood wrote:
3Com Etherlink Model 3C905C

That card is *old* -- it brings back memories. :-)  And, 3Com is gone. Is
there any FOSS support for 3Com stuff?

This is one of the classic fast-ethernet cards, supported by the original
Beowulf cluster implementation:


One would expect that any bugs left in the kernel driver
(net/ethernet/3com/3c59x.ko) would be hammered flat by now.

Kernel changes can and do break device drivers -- I wrote a driver for Linux 2.4.18 back in the day; it broke on 2.4.19.

The grim reality is that everything has to be re-validated on every kernel release.

kernel.org says it's had four changes in the last year.

Good -- the OP's hardware *is* supported on Linux.  :-)

So, the next place to look is configuration settings. It looks like Christian Seiler provided some good advice.


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