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Re: Why does resolv.conf keep changing?

> Who's saying it must be installed? Maybe I've missed something, but I think
> the consensus in this discussion was that if you want your resolv.conf to be
> unmanaged/static/administrator-controlled, then don't have resolvconf
> installed.

This is a ridiculous idea.  This thread is about a user who doesn't have
resolvconf installed and is bothered by something changing his
So clearly, not having resolvconf installed is not a solution.

As I already explained: resolvconf does not modify resolv.conf.  It only
provides a standard way for applications who want to modify resolv.conf
(and who would hence normally just go ahead and modify the file) to do
so in a way that can be controlled.  Hence it gives you the tool that
you need in order to be able to (for example) keep resolv.conf under
manual control.


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