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Weird bug (microphone / ALSA / PulseAudio related)


I have a weird issue and I'm unsure which package might be the correct one to report it. My laptop has dual-boot, currently with Windows 10 and Debian testing (buster) upgraded until yesterday. If I turn off the computer and boot into either operating system, everything works. If I boot into Windows at any point, everything works in Windows.

Bug: if I boot into Linux after being in Windows (without turning off the computer first), the microphone will show unplugged. I can keep booting as many times as I want, the microphone will never show as plugged until I power the computer off first. Once I turn off my laptop (either from Windows or Linux), and go to Linux directly without passing through Windows, then it shows as plugged in and works.

Laptop model: HP Spectre x360 Convertible Laptop-13t touch
Sound / Mic codec: REALTEK ALC295

I'm mostly curious about this (since there is a trivial workaround).


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