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NFS4 timeouts with multiple clients


when multiple clients (about 70-80) access our NFS servers, we start
encountering timeouts. All servers are running jessie (on VMware) 
and we use NFSv4 via IPv6. If only a small number of servers is
accessing the server, everything works fine, on higher load random
servers get a timeout on mount. While the timeouts occur, the load
on the NFS server stays low (<0.5), as does the IO load. There are
no limits on file handlers etc.
tcpdump to the affected hosts gives these hints:
...reply ok 96 getattr ERROR: Request couldn't be completed in time
I also tried increasing timeo at mount without any success.
Does anyone have any ideas on this?

best regards,

Dr. Jan-Martin Rämer
Zentrum für Hochschul-IT Rheinland-Pfalz
Moselweißer Straße 4, 56073 Koblenz
Telefon +49(0)261 9528-906

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