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Re: openvpn

On Mon, 23 Oct 2017 21:03:30 +0200
Pol Hallen <deben@fuckaround.org> wrote:

> Hello all :-)
> maybe I've a simple question...
> I've an openvpn server and a connected client (gateway):
> I use vpn to make backup.
> On this client I've samba and clients in same lan can connect to it.
> The problem: these clients can see also all netbios across vpn
> (
> what I should blocks using iptables?

Everything. Only allow through what you want to allow.

Alternatively, use a different method than VPN for backups. When you
say 'backup', are you simply synchronising SMB shares, or are you
making a backup file and copying it across the VPN? If the latter,
then SSH or another secure file transfer protocol can do the job
without linking the networks together fully as a VPN does.


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