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Re: Free TCP/IP port numbers?

The answer is correct - IANA maintains the list of ports. You may also look at the services file nmap maintains or ask showdan what it's seen publicly if you want a public popularity contest of ports.

As it is, I'm pretty sure you're over engineering this. Have a config file that has a port range option and be done with it. Also, you didn't mention needing <1024 so pick a port and be done with it (what everyone else does).

Lastly, certain ports are so old, their intended services shouldn't be online anymore (see the first 20 ports or 90-110 - off the top of my head - not sitting here and going through them) or if the service probably won't be used in ICS or on a box designed to be an internet backbone, use one of those. 

On Sep 30, 2017 21:50, "Victor Porton" <porton@narod.ru> wrote:
Alexander V. Makartsev wrote:

> There is official list of all registered port numbers:
> https://www.iana.org/assignments/service-names-port-numbers/service-names-port-numbers.txt
> You can choose any port that is not in the list, to be sure they won't
> clash.

The list of port numbers you pointed to me is a subset (or at least not a
superset) of the full list used by Debian packages.

Assuring that my port is not in this IANA list is not enough to ensure that
my port number will not clash with a port number used by a Debian package
(by default).

So your answer to my question is wrong.

> On 01.10.2017 06:04, Victor Porton wrote:
>> We are going to install a range of software on a Debian Linux
>> installation. Because we run the same software (such as Celery) several
>> times, we need to use port numbers different than the standard Debian
>> port numbers chosen by default (because we can't run more than one
>> instance of a server with the same port, and thus using the standard port
>> number for all servers would fail).
>> How to choose TCP/IP port numbers for server software we run in such a
>> way that they don't clash with "standard" Debian port numbers?
>> In Debian are there any ranges of port numbers dedicated (so that they
>> wouldn't clash with "standard" that is used by default port numbers) for
>> servers configured by users?
>> Note that we run (at least some of) our software not as root, so we can't
>> use ports below 1024.

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