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Re: Free TCP/IP port numbers?

There is official list of all registered port numbers:

You can choose any port that is not in the list, to be sure they won't clash.

On 01.10.2017 06:04, Victor Porton wrote:
We are going to install a range of software on a Debian Linux installation. 
Because we run the same software (such as Celery) several times, we need to 
use port numbers different than the standard Debian port numbers chosen by 
default (because we can't run more than one instance of a server with the 
same port, and thus using the standard port number for all servers would 

How to choose TCP/IP port numbers for server software we run in such a way 
that they don't clash with "standard" Debian port numbers?

In Debian are there any ranges of port numbers dedicated (so that they 
wouldn't clash with "standard" that is used by default port numbers) for 
servers configured by users?

Note that we run (at least some of) our software not as root, so we can't 
use ports below 1024.

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