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Re: Make CapsLock an additional Escape key - Problem: https://wiki.debian.org/Keyboard advice does not work

On Sat 16 Sep 2017 at 19:45:50 (+1000), Erik Christiansen wrote:
> On 15.09.17 08:48, Peter Smith wrote:
> > P.S.: I actually was able to change the keyboard layout later on by
> > the Gnome Tweak tool, but nevertheless I do not unterstand why the
> > official information does not work and it should be rectified.
> It is depressing to see the linux community succumb to unwarranted
> creeping complexity. For nearly two decades, this has done it for me:
> $ more ~/.Xmodmap 
> keycode 0x42 =  Escape
> clear Lock
> That's consulted as X fires up, so if you copy your useful dot-files
> across upgrades and reinstalls, it's done from here on out.

… which is a bit late for me. OTOH if one follows the wiki and
edits XKBOPTIONS in /etc/default/keyboard, the Caps Lock will
behave as ESC in the linux console as well as X.
(Of course, I don't use Gnome.)



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